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Susan Claire Page

With her background in vetinary science and a lifelong concern regarding the imminent loss of many of the world’s diverse species, much of Susan's work reflects those rare and endangered animals as listed by IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) Red List. Her aim is to bring these rare and unique animals into our visual world and plead their cause for recognition.

In her work she seeks to achieve a likeness but also to capture the enigmatic life-force and individual character of these beautiful creatures.

She shows the individuality of each subject in her work and demonstrates that all living animals are completely unique.

Grants & Awards 

2016 Finalist in “Artist of the Year 2016” for The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation with work exhibited in The Mall Galleries, London.


Exhibitions & Festivals

2014 Art in Action (Invited artist as demonstrator and exhibitor)

2015 Art in Clay, Hatfield House

2016 Art in Clay, Hatfield House

2016 Art Market York

2017 Art in Clay, Hatfield House

2017 art&, York Racecourse

2018 Holmfirth Art Week

2019 Art in Clay, Hatfield House

Susan's work can be seen in the following galleries

Number 4 Gallery, St Abbs

Workshop Wales, Pembrokeshire

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