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Grey Seal Pups
Foxes on Boxes
Black Rhino
Orang-utan with Comfort Blanket
Pangolin (2)
Plains Zebra
Serval on Box (2)
Water Buffalo & Cart
Two Badgers
Stoat on Box (2)
Sitting Hare
Maned Wolves
Mountain Bongo1
Malayan Tapir
Sumatran Rhino and Calf

Every one of Susan's sculptures is individually hand-built and sculpted from a white stoneware clay. Each piece is then bisque fired, hand coloured with oxides and stains and then fired again to stoneware at approximately 1200C. The whole process can take up to 12 weeks to complete.

Below is a selection of Susan's current work for sale, click on an image to find out more.

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