Zebra. There are three extant species of Zebra; the plains Zebra, Grévy's Zebra and mountain Zebra, Equus quagga, Equus grevyi  & Equus zebra. Of the three species, the Grévy's Zebra is the most threatened species as well as the largest with longer ears and narrower stripes. There has been debate as to the purpose of the Zebra's stripes, although theories include dissuading insect bites as well as camouflage or to confuse observers when the Zebra is moving.

IUCN classifies Grévy's Zebra as endangered with an estimated wild population of just 2,500 remaining. The sharp decline of the Grévy's Zebra can be attributed to hunting for their skins which in the past was widely sought after.

Plains Zebra Stallion
Height - 14in
Width - 5.5in
Length - 18in
Mountain Zebra
Height - 16in
Width - 5in
Length - 20in
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